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all things web

We offer a range of website services including design, development, hosting and marketing. We will guide you through the website process from the registration of your domain name or web address through to setting up your social media, like Facebook and Twitter.
Our knowledge of multiple technologies ensures your website's success. We offer template-based sites using the WordPress engine; or opt for a bespoke website developed in PHP and PostgreSQL, completely customised to your requirements; the choice is yours.

hi tech stuff

We offer custom electronic product research and development, from circuit board design and prototype testing through to industrialisation for mass production.
We build and test a prototype and produce small quantities of the product for you, ourselves. Once the development is complete, we can prepare for high-volume production. Our electronic design service includes Assembler and C Programming of micro-controllers embedded in our products. We work with leading PCB manufacturers and assembly houses.

useful tools

Computers are an integral part of our lives and they require consistent maintenance and updates for best performance.
We offer advice and support on, amongst others, new computer and software purchases, anti-virus protection, existing computer upgrades, backups and general maintenance.
We maintain various dealerships and are able to supply many leading brands including, Samsung, Acer, Dell, Microsoft, Canon, Lenovo, Adobe, Seagate and Western Digital, to name but a few.
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